Sellers June 29, 2023

The Personal Touch: How a Local Realtor Outshines an iBuyer in Home Sales

If you are thinking of selling your home, you may have heard of iBuyers, which are online platforms that offer to buy your property quickly and conveniently. However, before you decide to go with an iBuyer, you should consider the benefits of using a local realtor instead. Here are some reasons why a local realtor can help you sell your home better than an iBuyer.

– A local realtor knows the market. A local realtor has the experience and expertise to price your home accurately, based on the current market conditions and the features of your property. An iBuyer, on the other hand, may use a generic algorithm that does not account for the unique aspects of your home or the local demand and supply. This could result in a lower offer than what your home is worth.

– A local realtor can negotiate on your behalf. A local realtor can represent your best interests and negotiate with potential buyers to get you the best deal possible. An iBuyer, on the other hand, may have a take-it-or-leave-it approach that does not allow for much negotiation or flexibility. You may end up accepting an offer that is below your expectations or paying for fees and repairs that you did not anticipate.

– A local realtor can showcase your home. A local realtor can help you prepare your home for sale, by giving you tips on how to stage it, take professional photos, and market it to the right buyers. An iBuyer, on the other hand, may not care about the appearance or condition of your home, as long as it meets their criteria. You may miss out on the opportunity to attract more buyers and generate more interest in your home.

– A local realtor can support you throughout the process. A local realtor can guide you through every step of the selling process, from listing to closing. They can answer your questions, address your concerns, and handle any issues that may arise along the way. An iBuyer, on the other hand, may have a limited or impersonal communication with you, as they are more focused on their own bottom line. You may feel like you are on your own or in the dark about what is happening with your sale.

As you can see, using a local realtor has many advantages over using an iBuyer when it comes to selling your home. A local realtor can help you get the most value, convenience, and peace of mind from your sale. If you are looking for a local realtor who can help you sell your home fast and easy.